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New library system going live on June 8th

One Library – One System – The Suffolk Cooperative Library System

Starting June 8th, the Fishers Island Library will become part of the 53-member Suffolk Cooperative Library System (SCLS). 
This brings multiple benefits to every member of the Fishers Island Library and the entire community. With just a couple of clicks, members will have access to the digital assets of the SCLS, to the catalog of all books – many of which are now e-books and can be downloaded, as well as to the magazines, newspapers and databases collected in the System – many of which can be read at home online.

What does it take to access all this?

  • A special Fishers Island Library card with a barcode and your own personal password. This will require name, address, telephone and email. Current library card holders can continue to use their existing cards and just need to update their contact information with Ann.

There will be a few straightforward changes to the borrowing process:

  • For all books you borrow, you will now receive e-mail notification with the due date.  If the book has not been requested/put on hold for someone else, the Library will automatically renew the book for you.
  • You can now put a book on hold online – or at the Library.
  • For many books not available in the Fishers Island Library, you may borrow a digital copy online and download it to your computer, kindle or e-reader to read or to listen to.  Due dates apply just like with hard copies but no action is required. The titles automatically disappear from your device on the due date.
  • The Library website will list two links that connect you to the Fishers Island /Suffolk Cooperative catalog and one to connect you to the downloadable digital resources. There is also an app.
Over the summer, special sessions will be available for those who would like help with the System.  (Seniors, and possibly parents, may wish to bring along a child who will be quick to understand and help you!)  The first session will be on June 16 between 1pm and 3 pm.
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