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Marilyn Day July 31

Westford Days by Marilyn DayLIBRARY PROGRAM
Author Marilyn Day
Tuesday, July 31, 2018
5:30 pm

Marilyn Day, transcriber of Westford Days: The diaries of Emma, John W. and Ada Day 1862-1878 and the Families, will share items of interest from the diaries and the lasting legacy of her family.

In 1850, the extended Day family was living at Graniteville Road in Westford, Mass. From 1862 through 1878 three of the family members wrote journals or diaries telling about their daily life on the farm and in the town. Marilyn Day transcribed the diaries and in 1998, the New England Historic and Genealogical Society (NEHGS) published her work.

The diaries that are included in this book are quite fascinating. Sample excerpt:

“1870 – Monday – Oct 17 – Fair & windy. Warren got up at half past three, got ready and carried Johny Cummings to Lowell, got back before nine. Mother did most of the washing. I was very small. Sarah cut some Tomatoes into pints, put salt on each layer to let them stand till Tuesday. I cut some and pepers with them and fixed some to make pickle Lily. Finished my flannel D’s. Mr. Kimball came to stay all night, a tin pedler. Warren & F. picked apples up to G;s that W. bought, got six B. and two to dry. Got in all the corn.”


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