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Library Renovation
Library Renovation
Pre-renovation August 2016
2016-2017 Library Renovation Project
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Preserve Transform Strengthen

In the fall of 2016, the Fishers Island Library embarked on a renovation project to transform the front room into a more functional, welcoming and contemporary space. Our library had become more technologically focused, with patrons expanding their use of electronic resources far beyond our walls. The goal was to improve access to the wealth of online information which is essential to any vibrant 21st century library.

By bridging the gap between our traditional role as a gathering place for enthusiasts of books and learning with the increased need for access to outside resources and technology, these improvements would be a great benefit for all members of the Fishers Island community.

The preservation and enhancement of this beloved island landmark has been paramount to our mission.


With this project, the structure will remain an historic landmark for islanders, continue to provide free, year round access to our well edited and continuously updated collection, and bring state of the art technology to connect patrons to off island resources.


The new front room has transformed the library into a modern educational space for all visitors, including Fishers Island students. Patrons now have full and improved access to the internet and the resources of Live-brary, a cooperative online project of the Suffolk County public libraries. To reduce the potential for an academic and digital divide between Fishers Island students and those on the mainland, the library offers both students and teachers the opportunity to effectively use important resources for learning and research.


The welcoming front room enhances the library’s use as a community hub of learning, offering additional space for library programming, training and events while providing easy access to the abundance of online cultural institutions, distance learning programs, and various other e-resources.


“We know that students learn best when their families and community are involved in and supportive of their children’s education. The Fishers Island Library is an important partner in the school’s goal to ensure the success of each and every one of our students. The Library Board and staff have enthusiastically embraced every initiative we have proposed, from a summer Magic School Bus reading incentive program to regular school year visits to the library by every elementary class. Renovating the library to better facilitate the use of both technological and print resources will enrich and empower the lives of all residents.”
— Karen Loiselle Goodwin
Former Superintendent/Principal, Fishers Island School

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