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Fishers Island Library
Our Mission

The Library’s mission is to encourage a love of reading, storytelling and learning by providing free year-round access to its collection, programs and technology in a traditional, friendly, and charming setting for islanders of all ages.

2018 Board of Trustees

Jonathan Britt, President
Gordon Murphy, Vice President
Allison Ijams Sargent, Vice President
Willard Soper, Treasurer
Christian Arsenault, Ex-Officio

Ace Ahrens
Alex Andrews
Beth Arsenault
Anne Borland
Jamie Dupont Collingham
Cindy Dwyer
Anita Fritze
Karen Goodwin
Mary Beth Guimaraes
Susan Jeffries
Jenn Mancusi Ungaro
Fran Roethgen
Sarah Rose
Win Rutherfurd
Robin Toldo

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